Using commercial satellite imagery to model North Korean launch station buildings and structures

2016 ISSUE 2

AECOM takes infrastructure and data analysis to new levels

By Lindsay Tilton Mitchell • 2016 ISSUE 2

Q&A with Stephanie O’Sullivan, principal deputy director of national intelligence

By Kristin Quinn • 2016 ISSUE 2

Q&A with Catherine Johnston, DIA’s director of digital transformation and operationalizing IC ITE

By Kristin Quinn • 2016 ISSUE 2

Autonomous vehicles of tomorrow will require sensor synthesis for precision navigation

By Matt Alderton • 2016 ISSUE 2

Although GPS is the gold standard of positioning, navigation, and timing, it’s not without weaknesses. GEOINT offers alternative solutions.

By Matt Alderton • 2016 ISSUE 2

USGIF launches NGA Advisory Working Group in an effort to promote faster, more agile acquisition processes

BY Melanie D.G. Kaplan • 2016 ISSUE 2

Rochester Institute of Technology offers unparalleled studies in imaging science

By Andrew Conner • 2016 ISSUE 2

The GEOINT Revolution is here and USGIF is all in

By Keith J. Masback • 2016 ISSUE 2