Weekly GEOINT Community News

NGA Releases New Mobile App; Boundless to Support NGA GEOINT Services; New Commercial Satellite Weather Bill Signed; CompassData Partners with Carahsoft

Big Data from Small Sats

Speakers from government and industry discussed solutions for analyzing big data derived from small sats at USGIF’s “Powering GEOINT Analytics” workshop.

Smart Stuff

The Internet of Things offers convenience, efficiency, and intelligence value, but also brings new risks to networks and data security


Photo courtesy of SoilCares Foundation

Precision Agriculture Predicts Civil Unrest

Governments and NGOs today can predict food and water shortages like never before

2017 USGIF Scholarship

 Deadline: May 15

To date, USGIF has awarded more than $1 million in funds to students studying the geospatial sciences and related fields.


Beyond the Quantitative Approach

Q&A with Dr. Peggy Agouris, professor of spatial informatics at George Mason University

Prepare for Profound Change

Q&A with Catherine Johnston, DIA’s director of digital transformation and operationalizing IC ITE

Individual Member Spotlight

Tina Patterson: Saying ‘Yes’ to Opportunity

A discussion on small business ownership and USGIF membership

Professional Certification Holder

Lt. Col. Michael Wood, U.S. Army Geospatial Engineer Officer

USGIF awards first Universal GEOINT Professional certifications

“I expect that in the future, the USGIF certifications will be used by various organizations as part of the job application process in order to quickly identify those individuals—both leaders and technicians—who have specific skill sets for the growing geospatial job market.”

Lt. Col. Michael Wood, U.S. Army Geospatial Engineer Officer


The GEOINT Revolution

Multiple technologies are advancing and converging to unleash the power of geospatial intelligence

Interview with Sue Gordon, NGA

Trajectory on Location speaks with Deputy Director Gordon at GEOINT 2016