2018 State and Future of GEOINT Report

This annual report is a collection of articles intended for use by all GEOINT practitioners. These unclassified documents illustrate trends in the GEOINT Community, reflect on the continuing GEOINT Revolution, and contemplate the ongoing evolution of the tradecraft.


Safe Passage

NGA’s Safety of Navigation mission provides critical guidance to mariners and pilots

The Democratization of Entity Resolution

Q&A with Jeff Jonas, founder and CEO, Senzing

The Future of Firefighting

Q&A with Kate Dargan, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Intterra Group; former California State Fire Marshal

Individual Member Profile

Finding Your Passion

Q&A with Andrea Keilholtz, vice president, Whiteboard Federal

Individual Member Profile

Harnessing Emerging Tech

Q&A with Tony Frazier, president, Radiant Solutions

“Find your passion. See if you can turn it into a viable opportunity. I went to college for landscape architecture. In my third year of design, we were introduced to GIS technology and I absolutely fell in love with it.”

Andrea Keilholtz, vice president, Whiteboard Federal