Business & Technology

Dell Federal’s Four Focuses: Open, Scalable, Affordable, and Secure

By Jamie Friedlander • 2014 issue 2

Senior leaders should encourage younger workforce to build a professional network

By Melanie D.G. Kaplan • 2014 issue 2

USGIF’s ABI Working Group develops unclassified data set

By Kristin Quinn • 2014 issue 2

Co-Authors Discuss Wearable Technology, the New Digital Divide, and What Crosses the “Freaky Line”

By Melanie D.G. Kaplan 

Human Geography Takes Center Stage at GEOINT Foreword

By Matt Alderton

Presenters Discuss Emerging Technologies, At Lightning Speed

By Melanie D. G. Kaplan

Dave Snowden Discusses "Human Sensor Networks" at GEOINT Foreword

By Jim Hodges

Tech Writers to Give Joint Keynote Tuesday

By Lindsay Tilton

Mapping Human Sensor Networks at GEOINT Foreword

By Kristin Quinn

SmallSats hold tremendous potential for the commercial realm and federal government

By Kristin Quinn • 2014 issue 1

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