Defense & Intelligence

Q&A with Stephanie O’Sullivan, principal deputy director of national intelligence

By Kristin Quinn • 2016 ISSUE 2

Q&A with Catherine Johnston, DIA’s director of digital transformation and operationalizing IC ITE

By Kristin Quinn • 2016 ISSUE 2

USGIF hosts second Data Analytics Workshop

By Lindsay Tilton Mitchell and Kristin Quinn

April 28, 2016

The IC and NGOs form a network to fight wildlife crime

By Kristin Quinn

March 16, 2016

Growing UAS use improves critical infrastructure evaluation

By Matt Alderton • 2016 ISSUE 1

Defending the nation’s critical infrastructure, from roads and rail to power and water, enabled by GEOINT

By Matt Alderton • 2016 ISSUE 1

The intelligence and defense communities overhaul IT to embrace data sharing, the cloud, and enterprise business processes

By Kristin Quinn • 2016 ISSUE 1

USGIF and NGA host first Small Satellite Workshop

By Kristin Quinn

Nov. 30, 2015

USGIF Launches Geospatial and Remote Sensing Law Working Group 

By Jim Hodges • 2015 ISSUE 4