Friday’s Food For Thought: Mapping Bullying

Teen Uses Social Media to Track Bullying

By Lindsay Tilton


WTOP reports 13-year-old Viraj Puri from Fairfax, Va., came up with the idea to illustrate bullying through maps. With the help of a data scientist and web-based technology, Puri developed Bullyvention, a web-based technology that creates maps to show where bullying most frequently occurs.

Bullyvention scans social media websites, and identifies key words indicating bullying activity. The team then takes the locations from posts using those key words and plots them on a heat map. The map of the U.S. highlights areas with heightened bullying activity. The Bullyvention initiative has evolved to unite teens with lawmakers.  

Puri began this project after his brother was bullied in middle school. Bullyvention is the first website to team up with the U.S. House of Representatives’ Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus.


Photo Credit: Bullyvention