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IARPA Initiates 3D Imagery Modeling Program

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) launched a new research effort to develop automated modeling algorithms that construct visual representations of satellite and aerial data. Called Creation of Operationally Realistic 3-D Environment (CORE3D), the multi-year effort will support the use of models for rapid response to military or humanitarian crises in remote areas. The activity has contracted with General Electric, Vision Systems, and Applied Research Associates to support the program.

DoD CIO Seeks Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Support

The Defense Department’s Chief Information Officer released a solicitation memo for a contractor to provide programs and systems engineering supporting the DoD’s positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) enterprise. The selected contractor will also assess cyber vulnerabilities and potential areas of risk throughout the PNT sector.

Maxar to Relocate Corporate HQ to Colorado

Maxar Technologies announced plans to transfer its corporate headquarters from San Francisco to Westminster, Colo. The move is expected to generate approximately 800 jobs in the region, and serves to unify the company’s executive team and future shared services organizations.

e-GEOS Awarded Australian Maritime Safety Authority Contract

e-GEOS was awarded a contract to provide the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) with data from Italy’s COSMO-SkyMed satellites—marketed as the world’s only dual-use radar Earth observation constellation. AMSA will use data from the four operational satellites to monitor oil spills and illegal waste dumping as well as to coordinate emergency operations at sea.

OGC Announces Earth Observation Hackathon

The Open Geospatial Consortium is calling for participation in its Earth Observation Exploitation Platform Hackathon. The event seeks to determine whether results from the recent OGC Testbed-13 research initiative are fit to use as a basis for future programs. Participants will establish research design decisions, identify missing elements, and choose the best solution for the upcoming Testbed-14 program. The hackathon will run from March to May, and a webinar is scheduled Feb. 19 for those interested in participating.

TerraGo Introduces New GXP InForm Application

TerraGo launched its new GXP InForm app, an add-on module for BAE Systems’ GXP Xplorer platform. InForm, built using the TerraGo Magic platform, allows users to customize forms, maps, and workflows to support diverse operations anywhere in the world. Mobile features including basemaps and forms are accessible via the app even without a network connection.

Peer Intel

Peraton announced David Myers was appointed president of its communications sector. Myers will lead the sector’s strategic development and growth in government satellite and Earth-based communications markets.

President Trump nominated Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone as the new head of the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Cyber Command. Nakasone will succeed current NSA and Cybercom chief Adm. Michael Rogers, who plans to retire by spring.

NGA’s former associate director of capabilities Dr. Anthony Vinci was promoted to the agency’s newly created chief technology officer role. Vinci will focus on integrating cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, and augmentation with the agency’s people and processes.

Photo Credit: e-GEOS

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Mon, 12 Feb 2018 16:56:15 +0000 AP Posts Interactive Imagery of Olympic Campus; General Dynamics to Acquire CSRA; Lockheed Martin Launches "Open Space" Satellite Project; PAR Technology Wins Air Force Research Contract; More

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AP Posts Interactive Imagery of Olympic Campus

Associated Press (AP) Interactive is offering virtual tours of the 2018 Winter Olympic venues in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Explore a high-resolution, geo-tagged map of the Olympic grounds created with DigitalGlobe imagery and powered by Esri, as well as AP drone video footage and on-the-ground photography.

General Dynamics to Acquire CSRA

General Dynamics and CSRA announced they have entered into an agreement under which General Dynamics will acquire CSRA for $9.6 billion. Phebe Novakovic, chairman and CEO of General Dynamics said of the agreement: “CSRA’s management team has created an outstanding provider of innovative, next-generation IT solutions with industry-leading margins. We see substantial opportunities to provide cost-effective IT solutions and services to the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and federal civilian agencies. The combination enables GDIT to grow revenue and profits at an accelerated rate. It will allow us to deliver even more innovative, leading-edge solutions to our customers.”

Fulcrum IT Acquires The PTR Group

Fulcrum IT Services acquired The PTR Group, a provider of software engineering and cyber services. The acquisition strengthens Fulcrum’s presence in cyber, robotic control software, and satellite engineering, and expands the company’s client portfolio to include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Naval Research Laboratory, and NASA.

Lockheed Martin Launches “Open Space” Satellite Project

Lockheed Martin published technical specifications for the LM 2100 satellite platform, the LM 400 small satellite, and two variants of the new LM 50 nanosat series as part of a satellite innovation project called Open Space. To strengthen collaboration among industry, Lockheed is inviting start-ups and other companies to propose non-proprietary technologies for integration with Lockheed satellite platforms. Interested companies or individuals may submit concepts until May 11.

PAR Technology Wins Air Force Research Contract

PAR Technology’s government systems subsidiary was awarded a $4.5 million synchronized command and control multi-domain test and integration contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory. PAR Government’s ISR unit will lead a three-year research and development campaign focused on C4ISR solutions in cyber, air, and space.

Cubic Awarded Extended EUCOM Analytical Contract 

Cubic Corporation’s Global Defense unit was awarded a contract to continue providing analytical support to the U.S. European Command’s Joint Training and Exercise Division. Cubic personnel will develop and deliver training and exercise services for joint operations, strategic partnerships, and interoperability. The contract extends a three-year history of direct support to EUCOM’s Joint Exercise Program.

Woolpert Upgrades Aerial Acquisition Capabilities

Woolpert announced multiple equipment and technology investments to improve its aerial acquisition capabilities. Among the upgrades are new LiDAR sensors, an expanded fleet of airplanes and pilots, imagery processing automation tools, and geospatial storage hubs. Woolpert also invested in the RealTerrain workflow solution, which consists of Leica Geosystems’ TerrainMapper LiDAR sensor and accompanying HxMap software.

OGC Requests Responses to Portrayal Concept Development Study

The Open Geospatial Consortium announced the Portrayal Concept Development Study, an investigation into aesthetic symbology for web-based mapping. Current web-based maps often neglect cartographic concepts of color, symbolism, patterns, and shapes, and OGC aims to create standards that enable production-quality representations of raster, vector, and other data. To do so, OGC is requesting suggestions from the geospatial community about the portrayal of data in web-based mapping tools. Email OGC at to contribute.

Photo Credit: Associated Press Digital Products

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Mon, 05 Feb 2018 17:01:27 +0000 Airbus Offers Near Real-Time Emergency Imagery Access; Boundless Launches Geospatial Enterprise Server; IvySys Wins Threat Modeling Contract; More

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Airbus Offers Near Real-Time Emergency Imagery Access

Airbus has launched a 24/7 Emergency Image Delivery Service with near real-time access to satellite data. By transmitting data from its Pléiades and SPOT constellations to the Kongsberg Satellite Services polar ground station in Svalbard, Norway, Airbus is able to retrieve images at every orbit, enabling near-instant data delivery anywhere in the world. The service was developed to provide customers with specifically requested imagery in support of emergency and disaster response efforts.

Boundless Launches Geospatial Enterprise Server

Boundless recently premiered its new Boundless Server Enterprise, what it calls the market’s first cloud-native GIS server. The geospatial server is highly scalable and elastic enough to handle millions of requests at speed. With this release, Boundless aims to offer a powerful and cost-effective way to serve location data to applications in the cloud.

IvySys Wins Threat Modeling Contract 

IvySys was awarded a contract worth up to $4.6 million from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Modeling Adversarial Activity program. The program models non-state actors’ activity to create tools that recognize and warn of efforts to acquire or deploy weapons of mass terror (WMT). At the end of the four-year program, IvySys will deliver operational software for WMT activity detection applications as well as the large-scale datasets used to train the detection software.

Geospatial World Leadership Award Winners Announced

Geospatial Media and Communications presented its 2018 Geospatial World Leadership Awards at last month’s Geospatial World Forum in Hyderabad, India. A number of USGIF members were honored: Maxar Technologies CEO Howard L. Lance won geospatial business leader of the year; AECOM was awarded geospatial solutions company of the year; HERE won geospatial technology company of the year; and the United States Geological Survey was named national geospatial agency of the year.

Peer Intel

ISPA Technology announced a series of executive promotions. Former consultant and tech executive Steve Davison was appointed as the new vice president of special programs. Davison will lead capture and management of major business opportunities across the firm. ISPA also appointed Michael Grochol, the former director of ISPA’s combatant command/intelligence community division, to a newly created chief strategy officer role.

Photo Credit: Airbus

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Tue, 16 Jan 2018 17:16:52 +0000 exactEarth Doubles Size of its AIS Constellation; Norwegian Space Center Orders Maritime Tracking Satellite; Woolpert Wins FEMA Disaster Relief Contract; Air Force Awards Data Link Contract; More

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exactEarth Doubles Size of its AIS Constellation 

exactEarth has added nine satellites to its exactView constellation powering the company’s AIS data service. With 18 active satellites, the service’s latency rates are down to one minute following the initial signal, which the company claims makes exactView the fastest AIS product on the market.

Norwegian Space Center Orders Maritime Tracking Satellite

The Space Flight Laboratory at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies announced the construction of maritime tracking microsatellite NorSat-3, ordered by the Norwegian Space Center. NorSat-3’s payload will include an experimental navigation radar detector in addition to the traditional AIS receiver. This will be Norway’s fourth maritime traffic monitoring satellite.

Woolpert Wins FEMA Disaster Relief Contract

FEMA awarded Woolpert part of a five-year, $610 million contract for public and technical assistance supporting disaster relief in 17 states including Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and much of the Midwest U.S. The firm will work with Serco Inc. to provide emergency engineering and architectural help on public infrastructure after declared emergencies or natural disasters. Woolpert last year supplied state and federal agencies with high-resolution before-and-after imagery to assist with relief efforts following hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Air Force Awards Data Link Contract

The U.S. Air Force awarded nine companies positions on a 10-year, $496 million data link contract. Awardees include BAE Systems, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cubic Corp., L3 Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Rockwell Collins. The nine vendors will accommodate command and control data, video data and information capture, system migrations, anti-access strategy, and more.

C4ISR Market Predicted to Grow $19 Billion in Five Years

A new market research study reports the C4ISR market is projected to reach $119.39 billion by 2022. This valuation assumes a compound annual growth rate of 3.56 percent and a total $19 billion in growth for the industry, which was estimated at $100.25 billion in 2017. The same study predicts the highest market share will be held by land-based platforms, while electronic warfare will experience the fastest growth.

Peer Intel

OGSystems recently announced a new executive leadership team. Co-founder Omar Balkissoon will transition from CEO to chairman of the board—he’ll soon focus on growing the firm’s GeoSpark Analytics spin out. OGSystems’ president and co-founder Garrett Pagon will step into the role of CEO. Steve Martin was recently promoted to chief operating officer and Dan Ehrmantraut to chief financial officer.

Peter Highnam, formerly NGA’s director of research, was named deputy director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. He succeeds Stefanie Tompkins and will support the agency’s future research projects in areas such as machine learning and AI, biomechanics, and data management and analytics.

Photo Credit: exactEarth

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Tue, 02 Jan 2018 15:59:59 +0000 DigitalGlobe Releases “2017 From Space” Image Collection; HERE Announces HERE Tracking; UrtheCast and SIIS Partner; NGA Awards MOJAVE Security Contracts

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DigitalGlobe Releases “2017 From Space” Image Collection

DigitalGlobe released a collection of satellite imagery depicting the year’s most significant global events. DigitalGlobe’s constellation collected more than one billion square kilometers of high-resolution data in 2017, ranging from crop failure and famines in Yemen and Africa to missile activity in Pyongsong to the solar eclipse. That imagery enabled well-informed decision-making by governments and commercial businesses.

HERE Announces HERE Tracking

HERE Technologies announced the launch of HERE Tracking, a cloud platform for real-time tracking of goods, devices, and people. The service is built on the HERE Open Location Platform and includes industry-grade maps with geo-coding capabilities, accurate offline positioning technology, and tracking, geo-fencing, and analytics APIs. The improved visibility provided by HERE Tracking will help maximize logistics efficiencies, saving time and money for shipping companies and cities. HERE is already working with Airoha, the IoT unit of MediaTek, and Concox Information & Technology to enable HERE Tracking for Concox products powered by select Airoha chipsets.

UrtheCast and SIIS Partner on Product Distribution

UrtheCast and its subsidiary Deimos Imaging have signed an agreement with data and marketing provider SI Imaging Services for the mutual distribution of their product portfolios. Combining space assets, including Deimos-owned satellites and the KOMPSAT series, will result in a constant Earth monitoring service and a broad offering of X-band synthetic aperture radar and optical imagery. Both firms’ customers will benefit from a larger and more detailed catalog of decision-making data.

NGA Awards Five MOJAVE Security Contracts

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency awarded five ID/IQ contracts for MOJAVE Functional Area 2 (FA2): Security Support Services. The five-year, $400 million contracts were awarded to OGSystems, Leidos, Booz Allen Hamilton, Eagle Ray, and Pluribus International Corporation. These recipients will assist NGA’s security operations to include polygraph use, security specialist support, clinical psychology, counterintelligence, and insider threat analysis.

Photo Credit: DigitalGlobe

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Mon, 18 Dec 2017 14:38:46 +0000 DigitalGlobe Releases California Wildfire Imagery; SpaceX Completes First Mission With Reusable Rocket; USGS and NASA Select New Landsat Science Team; More

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DigitalGlobe Releases California Wildfire Imagery

To support wildfire relief efforts in California, DigitalGlobe has released satellite imagery of Ventura and surrounding communities via its Open Data Program. This data includes fire perimeters established by first responders and allows users to inspect fire zones and assess damage at particular addresses. The imagery includes JPEGs taken with a Shortwave Infrared Sensor, which cuts through smoke to show where fires are active on the ground. DigitalGlobe has also partnered with Mapbox to update Mapbox’s fire tracking map with the newest available imagery.

SpaceX Completes First Mission With Reusable Rocket

SpaceX launched its first reusable rocket Friday for its 13th NASA supply run to the International Space Station (ISS). The launch was supplemented with a Falcon 9 first stage booster and a reused Dragon cargo capsule from an April 15 mission to the ISS. The rocket arrived at the station Sunday, delivering a 4,800-pound payload supporting onboard research.

Earth-i Chooses Spacemetric for Satellite Image Processing

British satellite firm Earth-i announced it will use Swedish photogrammetry software Spacemetric to process still imagery and video from a new prototype satellite scheduled for launch in January 2018. Spacemetric will geometrically pinpoint each pixel in every image frame and will correct for distortions due to Earth’s terrain or satellite movement. Once operational, the satellite prototype will help bring high-definition color video and agile revisit rates to Earth-i’s growing constellation.

USGS and NASA Select New Landsat Science Team

USGS and NASA revealed their selections for the new Landsat Science Team, which conducts Landsat-based research related to data acquisition, formats, datasets, and more in partnership with the Intelligence Community. Members will spend their five-year terms preparing for and managing the launch of Landsat 9 in 2020 and developing applications for new Landsat data.

Airbus Cybersecurity Releases Predictions for 2018

Airbus’ external cybersecurity business unit released its top tech predictions for 2018 based on this year’s operations trends. Among them are: weak social media security policies will hurt enterprises; attacks on wireless networks will rise; and encryption will continue to be a challenge for local law enforcement. According to Airbus, if companies do not treat data privacy as a necessity cyber threats will dominate in 2018.

Vencore Awarded Multiple Contracts

Vencore announced it was awarded multiple systems engineering and integration contracts for a number of U.S. government customers across the defense and intelligence communities. The contracts are collectively valued at more than $375 million for seven years of work.

Photo Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Mon, 11 Dec 2017 17:32:56 +0000 SpaceFlight to Launch 11 Satellites in January; Boundless and Monsanto Partner to Support Open Source Community; Avenza Maps Launches in GEOINT App Store; More

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SpaceFlight to Launch 11 Satellites in January

Rideshare service provider SpaceFlight announced the launch of 11 spacecraft from India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is planned for early January. Systems to be launched include Finland’s ICEYE-X1 SAR microsatellite, four Spire Global Lemur-2 cubesats, Astro Digital’s Landmapper-BC3, AMSAT’s Fox-1D cubesat, and others. The cubesat integration is already complete and the cargo is currently en route to India where it will await takeoff.

Boundless and Monsanto Partner to Support Open Source Community

Boundless and agriculture company Monsanto announced a partnership to contribute code to the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) community. Among the contributions are: an OAuth Plugin that enables QuantumGIS users to determine what data on the system is accessible to the user; a CKAN plugin for QuantumGIS; and a Geoserver XAuth plugin. These codes will help establish smoother authentication systems and provide easier access to data for open-source users.

General Dynamics Awarded U.S. Air Force Operations Contract

General Dynamics Information Technology won the U.S. Air Force Distributed Mission Operations Center contract for infrastructure, development, and engineering support at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M. The ID/IQ contract is valued at $47 million, and enlists General Dynamics to develop and maintain simulation software and hardware, build network infrastructure, and integrate a live, virtual combat environment for warfighter training.

CACI Wins Army Airborne C4ISR Task Order

CACI International was awarded a $91 million task order to support the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center’s flight activity, primarily focusing on surveillance and communications. CACI will provide systems integration, training support, and electronic and mechanical engineering design services. The company will also test new technologies in areas such as radio frequency, electro-optical, thermal, radar, and acoustic systems.

Avenza Maps Launches in GEOINT App Store

Avenza Systems has partnered with NGA to bring its Avenza Maps offline mapping application to the GEOINT App Store for download by defense and intelligence community users. The app allows users to import and access proprietary or classified maps, and includes unlimited access to the Avenza Map Store’s existing repository of digital maps. User-owned maps can be uploaded to the store for sale at the user’s discretion.

Northrop Grumman Retains Army Logistics Contract

Northrop Grumman will retain its nine-year, $750 million Army logistics services contract for support of aircraft used in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. The defense contractor will be responsible for program management, systems engineering, supply chain management, and aircraft modifications and upgrades to 75 ISR aircraft.

Photo Credit: Northrop Grumman

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Mon, 04 Dec 2017 18:33:29 +0000 DigitalGlobe Expands Partnership with AWS; Esri to Donate Software Licenses to Volunteers; General Dynamics Wins U.S. Army Contract; More

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Riverside Research Awarded NASIC Contract

Nonprofit Riverside Research won NASIC’s Advisory and Assistance Services, Geospatial and Signatures Intelligence contract. Riverside Research will provide the intelligence center with geospatial research and development, system acquisition assistance, and facilitation of outreach to the DoD and IC. The five-year, single-award contract is valued at $99 million and enables the nonprofit to continue a 15-year history of support to NASIC.

DigitalGlobe Expands Partnership with AWS

DigitalGlobe is now “all in” on its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), adopting the platform as its primary storage and analytics infrastructure. The company migrated its entire data library to AWS, providing customers instant access to more than 100 petabytes of imagery. DigitalGlobe is also leveraging the AWS machine learning suite (including new SageMaker algorithms) to build and train an intelligent database capable of predicting customers’ imagery requests based on past usage patterns.

Esri Signs Enterprise Agreement with Airbus

Esri recently entered into a global enterprise agreement with Airbus Defence and Space. The agreement will provide Airbus with spatial analytics through the ArcGIS platform, reducing costs and increasing speed to market for the company’s geographic information systems.

Esri to Donate Software Licenses to Volunteers

Esri will donate personal use licenses for its ArcGIS software to every URISA GISCorps volunteer who has taken a GIS Service Pledge to help support a good cause. Licenses, commercially valued at $6,000, will enable volunteers to address location-based issues of their own choosing. The donations will extend to recent disaster response teams including those working to assist the relief efforts following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

General Dynamics Wins U.S. Army Contract

General Dynamics Information Technology was awarded the Mission Training Complex Capabilities Support contract by the U.S. Army. The IDIQ contract, valued as high as $975 million, enlists General Dynamics to supply simulation and live training support as well as logistical and administrative services to designated Army training complexes.

Octo Consulting Wins CMS Contract

Octo Consulting Group was awarded a $20 million blanket purchase agreement to support the adoption of agile methodologies at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Octo has already developed an agile training course and helped launch a center for enterprise agility at CMS, and will continue its support with hands-on agile coaching and policy transformation. The consulting firm previously helped implement agency-wide agile practices at the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, the Center for Disease Control, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Peer Intel

OGSystems announced today the appointment of Peter LaMontagne, former CEO of Novetta, to its Board of Directors effective immediately. LaMontagne joins the four additional board members in advising OGSystems leadership in recruitment, investment, and employee development.

Photo Credit: Esri

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Mon, 27 Nov 2017 20:44:45 +0000 Congress Introduces Geospatial Data Act; IceEye to Provide Airborne Imagery to DoD; CA Technologies Issues Smart Government Challenge; More

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Congress Introduces Geospatial Data Act

Congress introduced federal legislation that aims to fill decades-old gaps in the governance of geospatial systems and technology. The Geospatial Data Act’s two bills, SB2128 and HR4395, would mandate the congressional oversight of the federal government’s spending on geospatial programs, encourage collaboration between agencies, and ensure public and commercial access to geospatial data through GeoPlatform. 

IceEye to Provide Airborne Imagery to DoD

Finnish imagery startup IceEye announced it will supply the U.S. DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) unit with Earth imaging services through a new U.S. subsidiary. For now, the partnership will primarily entail the airborne collection of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data capable of persisting through clouds and inclement weather. Additionally, IceEye continues to develop SAR microsatellites, targeting a proof-of-concept launch before the end of 2017.

CA Technologies Issues Smart Government Challenge

CA Technologies announced its Smart Government Challenge, an open call for developers to submit innovative ideas for the U.S. government to use open-source software to improve the “citizen experience.” Such solutions may incorporate remote sensing into public transport systems or data banks. Up to five finalists will win $5,000 and the chance to compete for a $75,000 grand prize as well as an immersive training boot camp. Applications will be accepted through the end of December.

Airbus to Produce Digital Maps for French Defense Procurement Agency

Airbus and its four partners won a 10-year Sysnav contract to produce digital mapping components of an information system for the French Defense Procurement Agency. Called SI Geode4D, the system will be an active, one-stop portal for geography, ocean, and weather data and will enable a common operating picture throughout the Ministry of Defense.

Presagis Selects Tech Providers for GIS Data Management & Visualization

Presagis announced the selection of Esri, Vricon, and LuxCarta as technology providers for new GIS data management and visualization offerings. Presagis will leverage Esri’s CityEngine, LuxCarta’s terrain modeling, and Vricon’s point clouds and imagery to transform data into various training environments. The resulting data representations will be more realistic, responsive, and accessible.

Dewberry Hiring GEOINT Professionals

Dewberry is hiring geospatial practitioners in support of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Multi-Intelligence Analytical and Collection Support Services and Janus geographic content management programs. Individuals with GEOINT production experience and security clearance are in demand. View current openings.

Photo Credit: IceEye

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Weekly GEOINT Community News Mon, 30 Oct 2017 15:13:06 +0000 NGA Seeks Cloud Development Support; Engility Wins DIA Contract; IARPA Announces Updates to Functional Map of the World Challenge; ESA and Radiant.Earth Partner to Support Sustainable Development

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NGA Seeks Cloud Development Support

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is seeking unclassified cloud development vendors to deliver support to 40 individuals in St. Louis, Mo. The agency aims to award a one-year base contract with four option years. Responses to the notice are due Oct. 31.

Engility Wins Defense Intelligence Agency Contract

Engility won a digital forensics contract renewal with Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Engility will analyze multimedia files extracted from digital devices to support DIA missions across the defense, intelligence, and law enforcement communities, and will provide IT infrastructure including cloud solutions and enterprise technology. DIA first awarded the contract in 2011. The $14 million renewal has a one-year base and four option years.

IARPA Announces Updates to Functional Map of the World Challenge

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) announced the scoring process for its Functional Map of the World Challenge, which seeks algorithms to detect and label points of interest in satellite imagery. Participants will be scored based on their ability to accurately categorize portions of imagery and can submit solutions through Dec. 31. In concert with this announcement, IARPA released one of its largest annotated imagery datasets that participants will use to train and test their algorithms.

ESA and Radiant.Earth Partner to Support Sustainable Development

The European Space Agency and Radiant.Earth announced a cooperation to better track the progress of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The partnership will work to strengthen data literacy by using mutually shared platforms and satellite imagery to analyze SDG objectives.

CACI Awarded Army ISR Task Order

CACI was awarded a $91 million task order to provide support to the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center Flight Activity. This four-year task order, awarded under the Rapid Response-Third Generation contract vehicle, represents continuing work in the company’s surveillance and reconnaissance market area.

Berico Technologies Wins Place on Multi-Award NGA Contract

Berico Technologies won a place on an analytical support contract for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Berico is one of several partners who will provide data science analysis and collection management support to NGA and other government agencies. The contract is worth a combined maximum of $977.6 million.

Photo Credit: ESA

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