2019 USGIF Scholarship Awards

Supporting the future GEOINT workforce

2020 State and Future of GEOINT Report

This annual report is a collection of articles intended for use by all GEOINT practitioners. These unclassified documents illustrate trends in the GEOINT Community, reflect on the continuing GEOINT Revolution, and contemplate the ongoing evolution of the tradecraft.

The Evolving GEOINT Mission

A conversation with former astronaut and USGIF Interim CEO Steve Oswald

All Present and Accounted For

Q&A with Patty Mims, director of Global National Government at Esri and a USGIF Board member

Individual Member Profile

Competency and Teamwork

Q&A with Steven Truitt, Government and Platform Operations, Descartes Labs

Individual Member Profile

Building Analytic Cultures

Q&A with Kathy Pherson, chief executive officer, Pherson Associates

“Today’s technologies and volumes of information require an entirely new way of doing business… Being able to prove something is possible is not always sufficient to make it happen. There are very real inertial changes that have to occur first.”

Steven Truitt, Descartes Labs