Pathway to a GEOINT Career

The USGIF High School Industry Geospatial-Intelligence Credentialing Initiative encourages high school students to pursue a GEOINT industry credential alongside a high school diploma

USGIF Workforce and Certification Development Initiative

Train and certify your organization’s GEOINT professionals at discounted rates

Leading by Example

USGIF certification holders share their reasons for becoming certified—and the returns on investment they’ve seen since

A Professional Baseline

Industry leaders share their thoughts on why GEOINT certification is important to a company’s bottom line

Lt. Col. Michael Wood Among First UGP Designees

USGIF awards first Universal GEOINT Professional certifications

Professionalizing the GEOINT Workforce

USGIF launches Universal GEOINT Certification Program at GEOINT 2016

The NSG Certification Program

NGA is developing a mandated certification program for NSG

Professionalizing the GEOINT Workforce

Collaboration drives certification and the maturation of GEOINT tradecraft

The Science of Certification

Developing performance standards for the GEOINT community