Augmenting Reality

Augmented reality tracks one’s location in both space and time. Thus, its very foundation is geospatial

Journey to Integration

DNI Clapper and DDNI/II Cardillo discuss the technology and people furthering intelligence integration


Transformation within NGA promises new opportunities for the GEOINT community

Higher Intelligence

The National Intelligence University transforms education and culture

SOF Prepares for Global Future

In the post-9/11 era, U.S. Special Operations Command shifts its focus toward international partnerships

Cyber Attribution and Law

The role of geography when attributing cyber attacks

Location Obfuscation

The proliferation of location-based devices raises new concerns about privacy and security

Mission: Mobile

U.S. Government looks at smartphones and apps as new GEOINT tools

Cyber-Location Nexus

What closing the gap between the physical and cyber realms means for geospatial intelligence

Striking a Balance

As technology becomes more advanced, GEOINT analysts must move ahead while not losing sight of the basics