The Next Generation of GEOINTers

Meet the 2017 USGIF Scholarship winners

Tempests + Terrain

Weather forecasting and GEOINT are naturally intertwined. As the former becomes more sophisticated, humanity stands better poised to predict and harness the power of the latter.

GEOINT for Policing

Software, sensors, and other location-based technologies offer opportunities and challenges for law enforcement

Situational Analysis

Satellite imagery, drones, advanced analysis, and other emerging technologies are quickly changing the face of firefighting

Enabling Rapid Response

Geospatial intelligence proves a powerful tool for paramedics

Providing Community ROI with Geospatial Tools

The logistical demands of providing emergency services to large crowds

Roadmap for Nationwide Geospatial Data Sharing

GeoCONOPS is a guide to support homeland security, public safety, and emergency management

GeoQ Meets GitHub

The power of the crowd builds upon NGA’s open-source platform to better equip first responders with geospatial information

The Insight Economy

Cloud-based analytic services have arrived. And with them a new generation of companies promising not imagery, but insights

Accelerating Acquisition

NGA seeks to enable speedy innovation, optimize partnerships with industry