DIA Seeks Culture Shift

DIA chief says IC must adapt before it can embrace changing technology

Acquiring Algorithmic Aptitude

Lt. Gen. Shanahan’s Project Maven Will Bring Machine Learning to DoD

SOUTHCOM’s Forward-Leaning Mindset

In points south, U.S. faces networks of sophisticated, unpredictable foes

Projecting Global Power

TRANSCOM leader outlines logistical challenges

A Glimpse into the New World

Tech authors and futurists Robert Scoble and Shel Israel predict augmented reality will change life as we know it

Riding the Data Wave

NGA director eyes automation in response to data deluge

Breaking ISIL’s Brand

The State Department has a new weapon against extremism: marketing

Embracing Commercial Space

NRO Director Betty Sapp talks commercial launch, small sats, and new contracting methods

The Onward March of Technology

DNI Clapper talks technological advances and clearance reform in final GEOINT Symposium keynote

Innovating and Recruiting for DoD Readiness

DoD’s Stephen Welby discusses innovative approaches for attracting talent