Vantage Point

Funding Academic Excellence

The USGIF scholarship program continues to expand thanks to generous donors

Work at USGIF

The Foundation seeks a new COO & VP of Programs

Geospatial Intelligence: The Made-Up Term That’s Changing the World

Geospatial intelligence is ready to take its place alongside business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and competitive intelligence in the business world.

A Thriving Community

There is an unprecedented level of intensity surrounding geospatial intelligence

GEOINT’s Expanding Applications

Rapidly advancing technologies demand GEOINT professionals continuously seek to enhance existing skill sets and add new ones

The Value of Volunteers

Recognizing the incredible contributions USGIF volunteers bring to the Foundation

Revolutionizing Mission Effectiveness

Integrating the precepts of geospatial intelligence into the practice and lexicon of public safety professionals

An Educational Continuum

Introducing USGIF’s new director of academic programs

Expanding our Reach

USGIF remains steadfast in its mission to lead, promulgate, and support the GEOINT tradecraft and its practitioners, now and into the future

A Time of Transition

In a period of great external change, USGIF is more agile than ever