Cognitive Brew

IBM displayed automation and machine learning with Watson


At GEOINT 2017, IBM highlighted its pioneering cloud computing, data science, and cognitive machine learning capabilities. “The most exciting part of [the Symposium] for us is being able to show attendees that IBM solutions, from cognitive to the cloud, are designed to make data work for them,” said Gabe Chang, federal CTO architect with IBM U.S. Federal. “We can enable our clients and industry partners to expose hidden figures with automation, exploit hidden threats with augmented intelligence, and explore hidden connections with anticipatory analysis.”

The company showcased cognitive pattern recognition, cloud object storage, its Watson AI platform’s automated data cross-correlation, and its use of agile operations to create microservices.

Additionally, The Weather Company (an IBM business) participated in the booth, showing its capability to ingest massive swaths of data and run more than 160 real-time forecasting models each day.

“We [invited] visitors to our booth to imagine a future where you could ingest 2.2 billion data points and perform 26 billion searches daily,” Chang said.

In addition to capability demos, IBM presented an educational session on cognitive social media analytics hosted by Dr. Mohammed Ahmed, chief scientist and CTO of Watson and cognitive solutions.

The booth also featured a “cognitive brew” station at which Watson used machine learning to recommend craft beers for individual tasters based on a handful of preliminary food preference questions. The taster’s rankings were captured so Watson learned and improved its recommendations with each booth visitor.

Image courtesy of IBM.

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