Crossing the Valley of Death: From Prototype to Operations

USGIF’s May 5 GEOConnect Series Main Stage Event dove into overcoming development obstacles from conception to scale


The transition from innovative small-scale projects to full-scale funded programs can be studded with budget challenges, risk mitigation, integration problems, and user hesitation. USGIF’s May 5 GEOConnect Series Main Stage Event, “Crossing the Valley of Death: Moving from Pilot/Prototype to Operations,” dove into overcoming development obstacles from conception to scale by detailing an elite group of panelists’ experiences with projects that have successfully crossed the arid and treacherous transition gap known as the “Valley of Death.”

Moderator: Mark Munsell, Principal, Technical Business Development, AWS


  • Peder Jungck, Vice President/General Manager, Intelligence Solutions, BAE Systems
  • Daniel McCoy, Chief Innovation Officer, Transportation Security Administration
  • Kelly Pickering, Senior Procurement Executive, NGA
  • Heather Richman, Entrepreneur in Residence, BMNT

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