Delivering Mobile App Solutions in Months, Not Years

Aviation Mobile Apps & Kelly Technology named 2018 winners of Engility’s IGAPP Grand Challenge


At GEOINT 2018, Engility (Booth 737) announced the 2018 Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program’s (IGAPP) award winners. NGA Director Robert Cardillo, Engility CEO Lynn Dugle, and Amanda Brownfield, senior vice president of Engility’s Intelligence Solutions Group, presented the awards.

Aviation Mobile Apps was selected as the $20,000 grand challenge winner for the Position Reporting app. Position Reporting provides the ability for a user to instantly and discreetly send a distress message with an optional geo-location to a customizable contacts list via phone call, SMS, or email—without affecting mobile communication channels.

NGA Director Robert Cardillo and Engility CEO Lynn Dugle present Kelly Technology CEO Neil Kelly with the $5,000 IGAPP Runner-Up Prize.

Kelly Technology was selected as the $5,000 grand challenge runner-up for the Oceans Now app, which provides a holistic picture of the most current ocean conditions, weather forecasts, surface conditions, and atmospheric data. This is taken from a variety of sources and is viewable in a user-configurable, geospatial, rotatable, and zoom-able 3D globe.

“By providing three different mission areas for private sector app developers to tackle during our Grand Challenge, the IGAPP program delivered thoughtful, user-defined apps that greatly assist Department of Defense personnel with personnel security, operations, and situational awareness,” Brownfield said.

The IGAPP Grand Challenge is an annual contest in which IGAPP-approved app vendors participate in a two-month “hackathon,” building and delivering mobile apps addressing a variety of DoD-mission needs. During each Grand Challenge, IGAPP removes development guesswork through Vendor Opportunity Packages that contain vital information captured from hundreds of interviews with DoD and IC personnel during DoD Tech Showcases at military installations throughout the world.

This year, there were a record number of participants vying for these awards, with a total of eight vendors compared to three in 2017. These developers delivered 12 mobile apps available for free download to DoD and IC users.

NGA’s IGAPP contract vehicle was first conceptualized and provisioned by Engility. The contract continues to bridge the gap between NGA and private sector app developers. Engility acts as the “trusted broker” for mobile app procurement, and by delivering specific user needs of a demographic typically unavailable to private developers, removes barriers to entry without incurring any up front development costs. Compared to a typical formal acquisitions model, meaningful apps are now delivered in months instead of years.

Discover more information about IGAPP and how you can participate at the Engility booth, and attend the daily “Apps on Tap” information session in the booth each afternoon from 3:30-5 p.m.

Headline Image: NGA Director Robert Cardillo and Engility CEO Lynn Dugle present Aviation Mobile Apps CEO Bill DeWeese with the $20,000 IGAPP Grand Prize. 


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