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Multiple companies announce major news ahead of or at GEOINT 2017


Harris Corporation’s Global AIS Offering Now Operational

Harris Corporation’s (Booth 1451) first four maritime vessel tracking receivers are now operational, each onboard an Iridium NEXT satellite. The maritime trackers currently have eyes on 250,000 ships, establishing the beginning of the only global, persistent, real-time Automatic Identification System (AIS) ship tracking capability. Harris partnered with exactEarth as the exclusive provider of exactEarth AIS products and services to the federal government. exactEarth performs ground-level data processing and services all other global markets.

Airbus Forms Partnerships, Launches Global Earth Observation Challenge

Airbus (Booth 833) has established a partnership with imagery analysis firm SpaceKnow (Booth 1016), agreeing to provide the company access to its global One Atlas satellite imagery collection. Additionally, Airbus signed a four-year contract with Russian Earth observer Scanex, providing them similar access to 180 million km² of One Atlas imagery.

In related news, Airbus launched last week its Global Earth Observation Challenge. Start-ups will have four months to develop Earth observation solutions based on Airbus satellite data. Five finalist entries will pitch their solutions to a panel of Airbus executives and stakeholders. The first-place winner will receive a €50,000 satellite data voucher along with coaching for development of their solution. The other finalists will receive vouchers ranging from €20,000 to €5,000.

OGSystems Releases PeARL Updates, Partners with Earth-i

OGSystems (Booth 525) recently announced the latest updates to aerial imaging system PeARL 3D and PeARL Flash, the company’s sensor agnostic, 2D/3D enterprise level image processing system. The next generation PeARL 6 sensor will provide a ground sample distance of four centimeters from 10,000 feet with a nearly 2,000-yard configurable swath width, drastically improving resolution, color, and blooming suppression from previous products. PeARL Flash generates digital terrain models, digital surface models, point clouds, and other 3D derivative products directly from 2D imagery.

OGSystems also announced at GEOINT 2017 its partnership with British satellite company Earth-i (Booth 1528), which will incorporate both video and imagery into OGSystem’s BlueGlass platform. This announcement follows the May 30 release made by Earth-i announcing the company’s plans to launch and operate Europe’s first commercial constellation offering both full-color video and imagery.

Cubic Introduces New Satellite Tracking Imaging Ground Station

Cubic Corporation (Booth 1259) announced the GATR TRAC, a portable 2.4-meter satellite tracking imaging ground station, from its subsidiary GATR Technologies (GATR), which operates within the Cubic Mission Solutions division. The GATR TRAC terminal provides more than 90 percent reduction in logistical size and weight without sacrificing performance, compared to rigid tracking antennas of similar aperture.

Kongsberg Launches TerraLens WebCore Map Engine

Kongsberg Geospatial (Booth 1208) announced the launch of a new 3D WebGL map engine to deliver powerful geospatial applications in the cloud. Called TerraLens WebCore, the engine will provide highly efficient 3D visual renderings in an HTML5 environment, performing at a level comparable to that of native platform applications. The primary distinction from other browser-based map engines is a focus on the real-time display of moving tracks, consistent with Kongsberg’s native TerraLens platform. Kongsberg is targeting a fall 2017 public release for the new engine.

PTFS Releases Knowvation GS Version 6.0

Progressive Technology Federal Systems Inc. (PTFS) (Booth 2033) released version 6.0 of web-based content management system Knowvation, providing advantages in data collection, discovery, visualization, and exploitation, as well as access to third party tools. Notable improvements include upgraded ArcGIS integration, PayPal integration, an intelligent crawler for indexing data, cloud, and remote storage adapters including Azure and SharePoint, and the ability to load data into packages. 

PlanetRisk Demos New Threat Information Sharing Technology

PlanetRisk (Booth 361) is demonstrating its new global threat information sharing system. The technology identifies and assesses incidents and threats near government facilities. PlanetRisk’s Global Risk Platform hosts the technology on a common operating platform, helping end users identify and determine incidents and threats in real-time via the web and mobile devices to make decisions quickly.

Skyline Software Offers 3D Geospatial Visualization Solutions

Skyline Software Systems (Booth 1026) is highlighting 3D geospatial visualization and analysis software and services. Their products are used for the creation and dissemination of customized, interactive, photorealistic 3D environments on desktop, web, and mobile devices. On display in the booth is SkylineGlobe, a web-enabled, interactive 3D globe supporting macro Earth-level views down to photorealistic street-level urbanscapes and underground views. SkylineGlobe enables users to aggregate geospatial information into a single 3D view. Additionally, PhotoMesh shows the generation of complete photo-textured and geospatially enabled 3D mesh models from sets of unordered 2D images.

End Point Shows GIS Data Sets in Immersive Environment

First-time exhibitor End Point Corporation (Booth 1012) is showing complete GIS data sets in a full 3D immersive multiscreen environment. End Point has integrated ArcGIS, Cesium, LiDAR point louds, Google Earth, and Google Maps together with panoramic video, web browsers, and complex 3D models to build the ultimate platform for GIS teams.

Boundless Releases New Version of its GIS Platform

Boundless (Booth 961) released a new version of its open-source GIS platform, which enterprises use to manage their geospatial data and create maps across web, mobile and desktop applications, along with a new software development kit and updates to the community release of GeoServer 2.11. The new Boundless Suite 4.10 makes it easier to work with open-source GIS, offering users more flexibility and scalability than proprietary solutions, along with commercial support.

DAn Solutions Exhibits at GEOINT Symposium for the First Time

DAn Solutions (Booth 1427) brings its Revelatum Emerging View software to GEOINT 2017 as a first-time exhibitor to show how to overcome data analytics challenges. The company is also showcasing its broad range of IT solutions, built on a foundation of Microsoft SharePoint integration and Tier-3 software engineers.

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