Hexagon US Federal Empowers the Future of GEOINT

Hexagon US Federal and its predecessor companies have been supporting US Federal Government organizations for over 40 years.


Hexagon US Federal and its predecessor companies have been supporting US Federal Government organizations for over 40 years, including NGA and other elements of the defense and intelligence community. We empower the Future of GEOINT with cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of professional services that enable our customers to better understand their mission spaces and make smarter and faster decisions that improve mission effectiveness.

Hexagon solutions enable customers to (a) sense and collect information about their environments in exquisite detail, including hard-to-reach areas, (b) harness the power of their vast amounts of mission data and interconnected assets with our geospatial platforms, and (c) experience their mission spaces in new and revealing ways with our Smart Digital Realities that not only look like their real world counterparts, but also behave like them.

Stop by Booth 931 to learn more about:

  • Multi-Aperture Space-based LiDAR – ideal for collecting information on denied areas
  • Leica Geosystems BLK2FLY – the world’s first autonomous flying LiDAR sensor
  • ARTEMIS – small uAS-based turn-key kit for improving situational awareness at the tactical edge
  • Google Earth Enterprise Platform (GEEP) – enhanced, secure version of Google Earth Enterprise for management of geospatial data, including raster, vector, and terrain, which operates in tactical, enterprise, mobile, and comms-denied
  • Luciad – quickly and easily build dynamic C5ISR applications that incorporate advanced analytics and live data feeds
  • Cartographic Web Services (CWS) – automated map production solution
  • MSC Software – advanced simulation and modeling
  • HxDR – Hexagon’s cloud-based Digital Reality platform for advanced visualization


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