Identifying Anomalies

NuWave Solutions applies data analytics to maritime domain awareness


With a stunning amount of geospatial intelligence available, NuWave Solutions (Booth 312) is working to be a guide that can make sense out of an avalanche of data.

“That’s really the first step we help our customers do is identify what are the questions they are trying to answer and what is the available data that informs those answers?” said Brian Frutchey, vice president of NuWave’s intelligence and predictive analytics practices.

Frutchey described how NuWave leverages existing technology to predict future events. For example, the company collected and analyzed more than two billion signals from ship transponders. This provided NuWave a wealth of information on where ships were headed, how fast they were traveling, their tonnage, and their nation of origin.

Having a baseline of the common behavior of ships allows the “ability to anticipate a target’s behavior based upon the sensor data we have on that target,” Frutchey said. “We can predict where any ship is going. We can identify anomalies when a ship is behaving abnormally. Maybe it’s loitering where ships don’t normally loiter?”

Using the tools and data available today, NuWave is working toward predictive analytics. It aims to allow governments and businesses to not only use GEOINT to find out about the world today, but to predict what it might be like in the future.

Headline Image: The main dashboard of the Celect-powered predictive Maritime Domain Awareness application. Photo Credit: NuWave

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