Intel, Innovation, and Analysis

CACI provides actionable intelligence and training to support the IC


CACI (Booth 1029) applies deep learning research to supply defense and intelligence community customers with bleeding-edge artificial intelligence capabilities including object detection and high-speed predictive analytics.

“CACI’s domain expertise and our long history utilizing machine learning to build relevant solutions set us apart. CACI has integrated powerful capabilities that push the envelope and bring the latest scientific advancements into production at a much more rapid pace,” said a spokesperson from CACI’s GEOINT team.

AI technology and automation will be a primary focus for CACI at GEOINT 2018. On Monday afternoon in the exhibit hall, Jasen Halmes, CACI’s director of artificial intelligence, will present a lightning talk in the Innovation Corner (Booth 1751) titled “A Novel Deep Learning Approach for Rapid Labeling of Sparse Objects in Full Motion Video.”

CACI’s product suite includes a tool for indexing objects detected via full-motion video (FMV), a user-driven object-of-interest search capability, and an automated feedback loop—all of which improve mission efficiency and speed up decision-making for analysts. The FMV object detection capability will be the subject of a live demo at CACI’s booth.

In addition to its AI offerings, CACI will promote GEOINT Academy, a workforce development program that provides specialized training in areas such as FMV and geospatial analysis. Industry professionals lead entry-level and advanced courses online and in person to help prepare students across the education spectrum for new career paths.

“We’re not just a software and technique type of training program. We dive into the critical thinking aspect,” said GEOINT Academy Director Brooke Gillam.

The program also serves as a test bed for CACI’s research and development projects.

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