ManTech: Securing the Future

Q&A with Damian DiPippa, senior vice president and general manager, Mission and Intelligence Solutions Business Unit


What products and services does ManTech offer?

ManTech offers a wide variety of solutions to the intelligence, defense, and federal civilian communities based on our core capabilities in cyber, data collection and analytics, enterprise IT, and systems and software engineering. For example, our work at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is primarily focused on cybersecurity and network and IT service management. We have key qualifications for other Intelligence Community customers in areas like DevOps, cloud migration, and intelligence analysis and operations. We serve multiple intelligence agencies—CIA, NRO, DIA, NSA—as well as DoD and military intelligence programs.

Given ManTech’s history of federal contracting, do you have any advice for partnering effectively with government agencies?

ManTech is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Our goal is to be the trusted advisor to federal government customers in offering and implementing solutions and executing and enhancing their specific missions. We’ve had that from day one. Understanding and delivering on customer missions has been part of our culture for the last five decades, and it has led to ManTech’s success.

We communicate clearly and frequently with customers and we find ways to rapidly integrate state-of-the-market technology to support their unique missions. That’s the level of involvement and mission focus required for any company wanting a long-term position in the federal space.

How has ManTech evolved to keep pace with the explosion of geospatial data throughout the last decade?

Our cyber defense and insider threat teams work around the clock to ensure the security and integrity of NGA’s data and networks. We made a concerted effort a long time ago to build and acquire the capabilities to become a leader in cybersecurity. We continue to invest in our people and technology to stay ahead of evolving threats.

What should federal agencies know about implementing successful cybersecurity initiatives?

I’ll refer to the adage: “Once you build a better mousetrap, along comes a better mouse,” which sums up the current cybersecurity environment. Agencies can’t let their guard down. Threats are constantly evolving, and they’re growing more concerning every day. It’s critical that we all stay abreast of technology and tradecraft standards to maintain security.

ManTech is focused on evolving ahead of those threats. One great example of this commitment is our Advanced Cyber Range Environment (ACRE). This provides a physical and virtual environment to test and model the security posture of an existing network against real-world threats—performed in a safe environment on a precise replication of that network. We offer this across security domain levels. We’re also one of the top insider threat companies working with the federal government today.

How are AI and automation being integrated into ManTech’s offerings?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are natural evolutions of our software, DevOps, and analytic capabilities. Intel analysts deal in immense volumes of data and spend a considerable amount of time working to ascertain which portions of that data are most important. Our goal is to automate those routine and exploratory tasks and point the analyst to key changes or areas that require human analysis. We want to minimize the amount of data analysts have to touch so they can focus on the refined, actionable intelligence essential to making important decisions.

What differentiates ManTech from similar companies?

ManTech does so much more than just IT and data management. We recently changed our tagline to “securing the future.” That’s rooted in our DNA. Every single person in the company contributes to the safety, security, and protection of our nation, our war-fighters, and our allies. Our 50-year history of dedication to customer missions and our understanding of how to implement new and emerging solutions—that’s what really differentiates us.


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