NGA Renews Global EGD Program

DigitalGlobe announced the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has renewed the Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (Global EGD) program under the NGA EnhancedView contract held by DigitalGlobe for the next year. The Global EGD platform enables access to more than six billion square kilometers of high-resolution satellite imagery to thousands of government users. The renewal builds on more than a decade of DigitalGlobe providing NGA and its customers with unclassified, sharable, high-resolution imagery.

HERE to Provide Real-Time Traffic Data to Three U.S. States

HERE was recently selected by Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri’s departments of transportation to provide traffic services to enhance driver safety and improve traffic flow management and planning strategies. This data enables the departments of transportation to communicate to drivers the latest information about current traffic conditions and travel times.

Woolpert Acquires Vision Map A3 Edge

Woolpert recently purchased VisionMap A3 Edge, a high-altitude, next-generation aerial camera and automatic ground processing system. Woolpert plans to apply VisionMap to the commercial market. Woolpert is in the process of collecting and evaluating data generated by the VisionMap A3.

DoD Creates Technology Alliance

The Verge reports a consortium of top technology companies, laboratories, and universities are partnering with the Department of Defense to improve the manufacturing of flexible electronics. Named the FlexTech Alliance, the organizations will be awarded $75 million over five years. The FlexTech Alliance includes more than 100 organizations including Apple, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Cornell University, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many others. These organizations will reduce the size, weight, and cost of electronics products used in aircraft, health monitors, military tools, and consumer electronics.

Peer Intel

Booz Allen Hamilton announced Xena Ugrinsky joined the firm’s commercial group. Ugrinsky will lead a team that solves client business issues by linking advanced data analytics strategy and execution to broader systems modernization efforts.

Photo Credit: DigitalGlobe


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