New Member Spotlight: SIMS Software

Michael Struttmann, CEO and President of SIMS Software, shares his company’s capabilities and why they joined USGIF.

SIMS Software has been a trusted industrial security information management solution for over 39 years. Some of the world’s most renowned government agencies, defense contractors, high technology giants, academic institutions, and research facilities all rely on the flagship product, SIMS, to protect classified information, cutting-edge research and development, and personally identifiable information. SIMS offers all the features and functionality necessary to run a powerful, fully automated industrial security program as a single system of record, including the SIMS Insider Threat Utility. Additional product offerings include solutions to further automate complex processes, such as SIMS Workflow, an exclusively licensed Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Foreign Travel Tool, and the self-service SIMS Kiosk to automate lobby check-ins.

For close to four decades, SIMS Software has been an active member and supporter of the national security community through ongoing education, active participation, and philanthropic commitments. SIMS Software joined USGIF because the mission of membership aligns with its national security community efforts. The GEOINT community of USGIF provides its members an opportunity to build relationships within the geospatial divisions of many of SIMS’ existing customers and cultivate new relationships across this community.

“In our client base, we want not only the security practitioners to know what our tool can do, but what SIMS resources their leadership can draw upon for their situational awareness,” said Michael Struttmann, CEO & President of SIMS Software. “We’re looking forward to learning the evolving needs of geospatial intelligence and how we can continue to advance our offerings to support the needs of this community.”

Innovation attracts attention, both welcomed and threatening. The geospatial community, similar to the extensive SIMS Software customer base, must protect trade secrets, classified information and cutting-edge research and development to be successful in accelerating innovation. With the alarming rise in costs related to Insider Threat cases, it’s imperative that organizations put in place a comprehensive Insider Threat program where security operations, cyber security, and other functional areas such as HR and Risk Management can work together, share information and track insider threat cases. The proliferation of insider threats is a complex and persistent challenge for all national security stakeholders. From negligent or disgruntled employees to hostile nation-state actors, the costs and consequences of insider threats can be staggering.

SIMS Software is fully invested in the national security mission. Insider threats can’t be addressed in silos—they require a complete context. That’s why SIMS provides a fully automated 360-degree view of every physical, virtual, and human asset inside a security domain.

“We provide our customers with the technology tools necessary to detect, deter, and mitigate insider threats, stay compliant with government requirements, and protect their high-value information and assets.”

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