NGA Mobile Apps

In collaboration with industry partners, NGA offers apps to the public


NGA is not only the first intelligence agency to publish code to GitHub, but it is also the first to distribute mobile applications for public use via iTunes and Google Play.

Anti-Shipping Activity Message (ASAM)

Developed in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton and released in November 2014, ASAM allows users to select a geographic location and view reports of piracy, robbery, hijacking, kidnapping, and other hostile acts against maritime ships, crews, and passengers in that region. Granting the maritime community access to NGA’s data within the app enables mariners around the globe to avoid piracy hot spots.

Disconnected Interactive Content Explorer (DICE)

Released in March, the DICE app allows users to load interactive content generated in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to a mobile device, while displaying that content without network connectivity. This app, which NGA developed in collaboration with BITSystems, a subsidiary of CACI, is tailored for use in disaster response, search and rescue missions, and other disconnected environments.

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