ODNI’s Dr. David Honey on Partnering with Industry

The Intelligence Community’s needs and communicating with industry were the main topics of Dr. David Honey’s speech at USGIF’s GEOINTeraction Tuesday event Jan. 10


The Intelligence Community’s needs and communicating with industry were the main topics of Dr. David Honey’s speech at USGIF’s GEOINTeraction Tuesday event Jan. 10. Honey is deputy director of national intelligence for science and technology with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

More than 150 individuals attended the networking event, which was held following the Foundation’s Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Workshop in Herndon, Va.

“[The workshop] was a great chance for you to see the wonderful capabilities and R&D work that elements of the IC are doing,” Honey said to the audience. “The work is enabling and driving future system capabilities, which is very important to [ODNI].”

Honey spoke about three ODNI programs that promote strong relationships with industry to help solve intelligence integration challenges as well as offer industry opportunities to present their capabilities to the government.

“It struck me when I was in industry that it’s really hard to be on the other side of the fence and find out what the government’s interests are,” Honey said. “And when I was on the government side, I wondered, ‘How does industry not know?’”

These programs aim to make information more readily available to industry to help them determine IRAD investments, hire new employees, take advantage of teaming opportunities, and just generally be aware of future trends, Honey added.

One initiative ODNI offers is the Intelligence Science and Technology Partnership (In-STeP) initiative, through which participating businesses can present their science and technology projects to Intelligence Community (IC) stakeholders in one-on-one meetings. Connected to that initiative is the Intelligence Formulation of Risk Management (In-FoRM) program, which provides the IC and its partners with use-inspired, basic research approaches for advancing and transforming IC capabilities to resolve In-Step-identified challenges.

Honey also announced ODNI is offering approximately $1 million in prizes as part of the Xploratory Challenge Series under its Intelligence Ventures in Exploratory Science & Technology (In-VEST) program. The challenge is focused on the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. More details on the challenge are to be released soon.

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