Planet Labs to Launch 100+ Doves in 2016

A conversation with Robbie Schingler and Rich Leshner


We are joined by guests from Planet Labs in this episode of trajectory magazine’s got geoint? podcast series. While in D.C. for Satellite 2016, Planet Labs Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder Robbie Schingler and Director of Government Affairs Rich Leshner took the time to discuss the company’s recent advancements and future plans with trajectory Managing Editor Kristin Quinn.

Planet Labs was founded in 2010 by a team of ex-NASA scientists with the mission to image the entire Earth every day and provide universal access to that data. The company began as a small team of physicists, aerospace, and mechanical engineers in a garage, using the cubesat form-factor to inform the first designs of its “Dove” satellite. In 2016, Planet Labs plans to launch more than 100 sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) satellites to further its goal to image the entire planet daily.

Robbie2  rich4

Schingler (left) and Leshner (right). All images courtesy of Planet Labs.

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