Enabling New Space

Small sat experts discuss opportunities, barriers to innovation

Heather FitzGerald: USGIF and Opportunity

Heather FitzGerald graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in marketing management. She then owned and operated a local construction company before finding her passion in geospatial intelligence.

“Geospatial” as a Noun

Taking the next step in defining the community

Realizing a Live Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment

Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment is a mandatory step toward the understanding of an area of interest and the planning of a relevant course of action to support the warfighter

Kevin Hyers: A Cartographic Career

Hyers, a member of USGIF’s Young Professionals Group, on his career in cartography

The DigitalGlobe Foundation Celebrates 10 Years

A look at some of the globally meaningful work the foundation has made possible

Geospatial Intelligence: The Made-Up Term That’s Changing the World

Geospatial intelligence is ready to take its place alongside business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and competitive intelligence in the business world.

A Global Intelligence Enterprise

The intelligence and defense communities overhaul IT to embrace data sharing, the cloud, and enterprise business processes

Building Effective Relationships

USGIF announces new mentoring program set to kick off in the fall

Mission First

Q&A with Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Robert “Rosie” A. Rosenberg, former director of the Defense Mapping Agency