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Observations about the recent Trajectory survey data


USGIF CEO Keith Masback speaks at USGIF’s Data Analytics Forum in 2014.

Recently, while flying home from a great family vacation in the Pacific Northwest, I waited until my wife and children were asleep to crack open the 2014 trajectory reader survey results. Fresh off USGIF’s successful data analytics workshop, I was actually kind of jazzed to have the opportunity to work on some analytics of my own.

GEOINT is both a vertical intelligence stovepipe and the horizontal underpinning for intelligence integration and operations of all types.

Thanks to the USGIF culture of being transparent and responsive to our members, partners, and event attendees, we generally get a relatively robust response for surveys of all types. I’d like to share some observations with the trajectory readership based on the most recent survey data.

First, we learned more about how our readers prefer to receive and access trajectory content. You are very interested in both the print and web editions, and appreciate getting updates via LinkedIn and our e-newsletters. Based on this, we’ve increased the trajectory e-newsletter frequency from quarterly to monthly and are considering expanding our LinkedIn presence. The trajectory website recently won an award, and we’ll continue to work hard to ensure the site is a great way to access content, especially all of the great bonus content we can’t always fit into the print edition.

We’re certainly aware of the slow adoption rate for the trajectory app, which is disappointing because the medium is truly interactive and rich with added content. It was interesting to learn that although 64 percent of you own tablets, only 15 percent use the trajectory app, and only 5 percent use a tablet as your primary method of content consumption. Based on this feedback, we are re-evaluating the resources applied against the app. Perhaps they can be better allocated for an interesting suggestion several of you made: to work to get trajectory articles posted on SIPRNET and/or JWICS.

In general, the messages from the survey were clear. However, there was some dissension in the data with respect to content. There were equally loud calls to broaden the reach of the content, as there were to better delimit subject matter to focus solely on NGA and GEOINT. We don’t see these as mutually exclusive. GEOINT is both a vertical intelligence stovepipe and the horizontal underpinning for intelligence integration and operations of all types. Therefore, trajectory will continue to offer a broad array of topics, all ultimately related to imagery, imagery intelligence, and/or geospatial information.

Please enjoy this issue, which includes a look at the potential for GEOINT to help stop animal poaching, a crisis under-appreciated as a national security issue. Additionally, take the opportunity to get caught up with advances in crisis mapping and learn more about a great USGIF partner, the U.S. Geological Survey.

Finally, thanks so much for your survey responses and ongoing support for the magazine, in all its forms. Please stay in touch—don’t wait until the next reader survey to send us feedback.

We at USGIF are at our very best when engaged in ongoing conversations with readers, attendees, volunteers, and other representatives from across the broad array of our member companies, organizations, and academic institutions.

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