Securing the Web

Authentic8 features encrypted, cloud-based web browsing


The first thing you’ll notice at Authentic8 (Booth 440) is no one’s there to greet you. Or is there?

Look closer at the booth’s wall—Authentic8 is using a subtle method to emphasize its GEOINT 2018 booth theme: “Disconnect from the Web.”

“We’ll be talking through the video display to anybody who comes to our booth as a kind of ‘we‘re disconnected,’” said Justin Cleveland, head of federal business for Authentic8.

The conversation will be about SILO, Authentic8’s remote, cloud-based browser that the company markets as the solution to cybersecurity threats. Rather than with a standard, local browser, a Silo customer logs onto the web through a remote browser that’s actually a virtual machine, or a hardened container in the cloud. The customer works through an encrypted display pixel, so no web code hits the network.

“Gartner estimates that 80 percent of all exploits come via a browser or browser plugin, so if we solve 80 percent of the government issues with cybersecurity threats, we’re in pretty good standing,” Cleveland said.

Authentic8 decided to go bigger this year after having a small booth presence at GEOINT 2017 in San Antonio. The company aims to broaden its government business, but also to reach potential Department of Defense customers.

Its goal is ambitious: “No one pays for a web browser right now,” Cleveland said. “We’re trying to set the entire market for a safe way to get online.”

Headline Image: Authentic8 Federal Program Manager Thom Kaye at the company’s booth. 

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