The future of geospatial is being built right here in St. Louis

Anchored by Next NGA West, our 10-year GeoFutures Strategic Roadmap and a commitment to inclusive and equitable growth, our region is investing to become the global center of geospatial technology. We welcome you to St. Louis and invite you to discover how our innovative and collaborative community is fueling new career and business opportunities.

Keynote: Beyond Maps and Imagery - Gilman Louie, Partner, Alsop Louie Partners

As we unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence, geo-intelligence must be able to empower machine intelligence. It will change how we collect, what we collect, how we process and analyze, and for whom (or what) we disseminate. If human machine teaming, autonomy, and real-time sensing and decision making are our future, then we need to start today to transform how we approach GEOINT.

Panel: Metaphors and Algorithms, Why Geospatial Professionals Need Both

The essence of GEOINT is science and mathematics. Yet, the essence of intelligence problems is human, hidden, and every now and then unprecedented. Scientists, mathematicians, and scholars of the humanities can build on each other's work to push the science of GEOINT forward by having a closer look at human society and behaviors, as well as culture and social constructs.

Collaboration drives innovation.


GDIT is building the art of the possible by opening the aperture for new ideas and removing barriers to bring innovation with transformative impact to the St. Louis region.


Keynote: John Beieler, Ph.D., Office of the Director of National Intelligence

‘Finding Joy’ and Strategic Advantage in the IC

The United States is facing increased competition from China and others. Maintaining its edge demands a commitment to cutting-edge R&D, says Dr. John Beieler, director of science and technology at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.


Tanzle's capabilities manage and unify content for rapid decision making

The Tanzle Platform uses distributed systems architecture and microservices framework enabling the creation of high-performance data management solutions. Our approach interacts with multiple streams of data (structured and unstructured) for use, analysis and visualization in zero trust environments.

GEOINT Foreword

Evaluate, Adapt, and Incorporate

Panelists discuss the feasibility, implications, and new requirements for incorporating generative AI into GEOINT

Safety First

Key challenges in the privacy and security of the metaverse

How the Metaverse Could Affect Prospective Soldiers

The U.S. Army looks to the metaverse to recruit and train soldiers

Metaverse and GEOINT: A Perfect Pair

The metaverse is coming, and GEOINT will be one of its biggest benefactors

NGA Mapping Expands to the Digital World

Geospatial and digital-modeling experts are working to craft detailed and up-to-date three-dimensional simulations of real-world spaces

Explore St. Louis Guide

The St. Louis hospitality community is excited to welcome the GEOINT 2023 Symposium to St. Louis this weekend!


Ready for your next engineering role, rapidly delivering small satellites?

Looking for a collaborative, fast-paced environment with a high-performing team that builds small satellites in months, not years? Then Millennium Space Systems is the place for you! We work on programs like missile warning and defense, advanced space, Earth observation and science.

Dining and Entertainment

Explore St. Louis: 7 Things to Do, See and Eat During Your Stay

We present some of the city’s favorite hangouts and hidden gems to check out during your visit to St. Louis.


Learn how to train a computer vision model at scale with Descartes Labs

 Join our training session today! Advanced Geospatial Analytics Utilizing Ever Increasing Geo Data with Computer Vision at Planetary Scale: Learn to Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models

Wed. Oct 6 from 2-3 pm  | Room 124 | Registration Required

Also visit us at booth 2415 to get a demo and speak with our team.

GeoDiscovery Experience

Join Us Thursday, Oct. 7, for an Experience Like None Other

An outdoor networking event and experience highlighting St. Louis’s rich history and leadership in geospatial technology



From predicting tsunamis to monitoring wildfires to improving crop yields, Raytheon Intelligence & Space advanced technologies deliver data that improves our understanding of the Earth - and the quality of our lives.

Evening Networking Events


Wednesday, Oct 6

Exhibit Hall Networking Reception
Each afternoon network with colleagues and enjoy refreshments while exploring the exhibit hall of exhibitors showcasing services, solutions, and technologies for your mission needs.

Thursday, Oct 7

Exhibit Hall Networking Reception
Each afternoon network with colleagues and enjoy refreshments while exploring the exhibit hall of exhibitors showcasing services, solutions, and technologies for your mission needs.

Young Professionals Group Networking Reception at Flamingo Bowl
Meet with young professionals from across the GEOINT Community at this networking event.

GeoDiscovery Experience
An outdoor networking event that will highlight St. Louis's rich history and leadership in geospatial technology. This opportunity will be offered exclusively to GEOINT Symposium attendees.