2015 Issue 1

Choose Your Crystal Ball

The experts’ favorite Big Data tools

The Missing Pieces

The advent of Big Data and supercomputing is driving a new era of anticipatory intelligence

Missing Maps

The need to preemptively map the world’s most vulnerable populations

Visualizing ICT Needs

Plotting tech needs of NGOs in areas of response

GEOINT In Demand

Education and workforce diversification are critical for future success

Adobe Systems: Beyond Acrobat and Creative Suite

How Adobe Systems has made its mark on data analytics, open-source software, and insider threat detection

Plenty of Eyes in the Sky, Not Enough Minds on the Ground

The U.S. Intelligence Community must address a workforce gap in remote sensing analysis

Leveraging Open-Source Tools To Strengthen Innovation

New task force to help GEOINT Community share technology and ideas

We’re All GEOINTers

GEOINT continues to pervade our daily lives

An Unprecedented Response

The GEOINT Community’s role in the Ebola relief effort