2016 Issue 4

Monica Medel: Journalist Turned Crime Mapper

Using social media to track the perception of crime

Andrew Ryan: Discovering the IC

2016 USGIF Scholarship recipient begins a master’s degree program in geoinformatics and geospatial intelligence

The Future of the GEOINT Tradecraft

Meet the 2016 USGIF Scholarship Winners

Anne Aryadne Bennett: A Passion for Engineering and Space

Meet the first recipient of the Ken Miller Scholarship

Integrating Disciplines

James Madison University couples geographic science with intelligence analysis

MDA: Detecting the Unexpected

MDA Geospatial Services International provides insight to a variety of customers

Advancing GEOINT Agility

Innovation drives open geospatial standards development

The Common Thread

The idea of GEOINT is spreading virally and being adopted by new sectors

More Than Meets the Eye

Sophisticated sensors can see things humans can’t. GEOINT’s next challenge: turning spectral science into actionable insight

Modern Slavery

Cognitive computing and geospatial technology help law enforcement track, locate, and rescue human trafficking victims