2016 Show Daily

The Utility of Small Sats

USGIF’s Small Satellite Working Group hosts GEOINT 2016 panel discussions

Investments and Acquisitions

GEOINT 2016 panels discuss M&A, venture capital

Breaking ISIL’s Brand

The State Department has a new weapon against extremism: marketing

Embracing Commercial Space

NRO Director Betty Sapp talks commercial launch, small sats, and new contracting methods

Government Pavilion Stage Pt. 2

Leaders from AGC, NGA share insights; lawyers talk geospatial law and policy

Joint PED Panel Discusses Challenges

Joint services talks new approaches for PED and asks industry to help improve efficiency

The Onward March of Technology

DNI Clapper talks technological advances and clearance reform in final GEOINT Symposium keynote

Regulation: a Double-edged Sword

Panel concludes restrictions on remote sensing activities are not without risk

Innovating and Recruiting for DoD Readiness

DoD’s Stephen Welby discusses innovative approaches for attracting talent

Government Pavilion Stage Pt. 1

Leaders from NGA, DIA, and DHS share insights