2018 S&FOG Report

Modeling Outcome-Based Geospatial Intelligence

The application of GEOINT models enables decision-making in myriad sectors

Individual Core Geospatial Knowledge in the U.S.

Insights from a comparison of U.S. and UK GEOINT analyst education

The Ethics of Volunteered Geographic Information for GEOINT Use

The wide variety of VGI available today naturally leads to myriad potential GEOINT uses

The Human Factors “Why” of Geospatial Intelligence

Examining the “why” of GEOINT using the Data/Frame Model of Sensemaking

GEOINT at Platform Scale

Transforming GEOINT organizations from pipes to platforms

Everything, Everywhere, All the Time—Now What?

What will result from the persistence and depth of geospatial data?

Improving GEOINT Access for Health and Humanitarian Work in the Global South

Case studies on resource inequity with respect to GEOINT in the Global South