2019 S&FOG Report

Unlocking the Cultural Digital Footprint from Natural Language at Scale

The growth of social media yields an unprecedented ability for a populous to passively report cultural data

GEOINT Transformation and Driving the Future of Information Dominance

Not since the transition from film to digital imagery has the geospatial analysis profession experienced such a rapid transformation

The Tradecraft of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The integration of AI and machine learning into GEOINT tradecraft presents a significant paradigm shift

The Frontier of Multimodal Mapping

The future of secure, integrated data visualization

How Maritime Geospatial Analysis Helps Identify Asymmetric Threats

Geospatial analytics help identify asymmetric threats by leveraging AI and near real-time data analysis

Open-Source Collaboration

A model to supercharge GEOINT success

The Changing Face of Remote Sensing

Harnessing innovation to enable new applications

The Geo-Singularity

Broad, deep data-wrangling by machines and human analysis is merging into a new, bold, real-time processing movement

The Geo-Atom for GEOINT

Adoption of the geo-atom can improve the decision support capabilities provided by GEOINT models

Knowing Your Opponent and Knowing Yourself

Lessons from comparing U.S. and Russian geospatial intelligence