2019 Show Daily Day 3

Streamlining the RFP Process

EdgeworthBox showcases 21st century RFP platform

Improving Human Well-Being

USC programs focus on spatial sciences that benefit human security

Combining AI & GEOINT for Disaster Planning & Relief

Panelists at GEOINT Foreword discuss data analysis for first responders

NGA Seeks Partners to Help “Show the Way”

Agency Director Vice Adm. Robert Sharp discussed the 2025 strategy, automation,
and more in GEOINT 2019 keynote

Digital GEOINT Transformation Across Disciplines

Junior GEOINTers share their success stories with NGA’s MAGE app

What the Intelligence Community Can Learn from Hollywood

Chris Edwards and Kevin Surace explore how modern visualization tools could be used by the U.S. Intelligence Community—and its adversaries

Shaking Up the CIO Role

Intelligence Community IT executives are evolving from ‘traditional’ to ‘transformational’

In the Age of AI, Humans Will Still Be in Charge

GEOINT educators discuss the educational needs of the future

The Search for Exoplanets

One NASA data scientist’s take on human-machine teaming

ISR for Maritime Security

Kleos Space to launch fleet of RF-scanning nanosats