2021 Show Daily Day 3

Demystifying the Metaverse

Not sure what exactly the metaverse is? Three of the field’s leading minds hash out what the concept means to them, and how they see it unfolding over the next 50 years.

Fair Exchange

The GEOINT community and universities can build valuable relationships by fostering cross-pollination of knowledge, resources, talent, and vision.

JADC2: Synthesizing Sensors with the Power of GEOINT

Although the U.S. military is united in its mission, it’s divided in its technology. With the help of GEOINT, DoD’s JADC2 concept will close the digital gaps between military services, as well as allied nations. An expert panel at GEOINT 2021 explained how.

The NRO Goes Above and Beyond in Space

Director Christopher Scolese details how the NRO is tackling the competitive space market and what’s needed in the years to come.

GEOINT AI Initiatives in Action

On Thursday afternoon, Aimee McGranahan moderated a panel focused on turning the innovations that have been discussed throughout the symposium into reality to support the war fighter and intelligence community.

The Future Depends on Connectivity

The U.S. government and organizations in the industry can no longer work with stove-piped data. Whether we’re dealing with factors such as technology, global geopolitics or military readiness, the future of GEOINT relies on partnerships and interoperability.

St. Louis Rising: Turning an Industry into an Ecosystem

Thanks to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s forthcoming campus, Next NGA West, St. Louis is becoming a major hub for GEOINT activity and investment. A panel of local leaders at GEOINT 2021 explained how the city is investing in the human capital that’s needed to fuel its future.

Recruitment and Engagement

Spurred by the demand for GEOINT skills across the globe and the new 3,000-employee NGA West across town, St. Louis goes all-in toward developing the nation’s best, brightest, and work-ready talent pool.