Activity-Based Intelligence

Activity-Based Intelligence in Mixed Reality

What can be done to improve global humanitarian outcomes?

An Orchestra of Machine Intelligence

What the future might hold for intelligence analysis

Uncloaking Adversaries through GIS

Using GIS for Activity Based Intelligence

The Future of GEOINT

Why activity-based intelligence and machine learning demonstrate that the future of GEOINT has already arrived

RGi: Reinventing GEOINT for the Nation’s Soldiers

Q&A with RGi president and CEO Stephen Gillotte

MDA: Detecting the Unexpected

MDA Geospatial Services International provides insight to a variety of customers

Demystifying ABI

New textbook explains activity-based intelligence

Exploring the GEOINT Lexicon

A multi-tiered vetting process would help define tradecraft language

Opening the Door to ABI

USGIF’s ABI Working Group develops unclassified data set

SOF Prepares for Global Future

In the post-9/11 era, U.S. Special Operations Command shifts its focus toward international partnerships