Weekly GEOINT Community News

DigitalGlobe Expands Partnership with Orbital Insight; 10 Winners Selected for Nextgov Bold Awards; LGS Innovations Awarded DARPA Contract

Data On Demand

The cloud and the future of geospatial data

Dark Skies, Bright Future

The next generation of commercial remote sensing has arrived, and GEOINT will never be the same

Human Geo Meets Anticipatory Intelligence

DIA aims to couple the two areas

Debunking Myths About Data Scientists

They’re curious, courageous, and creative, but mostly—in demand

GEOINT Offers Thread for DIA Culture Change

Seeking interactivity, the agency moves to update ISR processes

Borders Aren’t Necessarily Boundaries

Author Robert Kaplan examines geography on and off the map

Looking to the Future at GEOINT Foreword

Pre-conference session focuses on geospatial analytic challenges

Choose Your Crystal Ball

The experts’ favorite Big Data tools

The Missing Pieces

The advent of Big Data and supercomputing is driving a new era of anticipatory intelligence