Extending the Common Operational Picture

The operational value of low- and zero- code app development

Weekly GEOINT Community News

IARPA Announces New Prize Challenge; Esri Acquires ClearTerra Location Data Technology; ARL and FBI Issue RFIs; More

Weekly GEOINT Community News

IARPA Initiates 3D Imagery Modeling Program; DoD Seeks PNT Support; Maxar to Relocate Corporate HQ to Colorado; OGC Announces Earth Observation Hackathon; More

Fitness Tracking & Privacy

Strava’s global heat map inadvertently reveals locations of U.S. military bases

The Ethics of Volunteered Geographic Information for GEOINT Use

The wide variety of VGI available today naturally leads to myriad potential GEOINT uses

The Vanguard of Commercial GEOINT

From self-driving cars and “drones as a service” to crowdsourcing exercise routes, the commercial world continues to leverage GEOINT in new and creative ways

Weekly GEOINT Community News

SpaceFlight to Launch 11 Satellites in January; Boundless and Monsanto Partner to Support Open Source Community; Avenza Maps Launches in GEOINT App Store; More

Mapbox: Empathy and Fire

Q&A with Robert Ames, director of government business and technology strategy

Enabling Rapid Response

Geospatial intelligence proves a powerful tool for paramedics

GeoQ Meets GitHub

The power of the crowd builds upon NGA’s open-source platform to better equip first responders with geospatial information