Augmented & Virtual Reality

Expanding the Utility and Interoperability of Rapidly Generated Terrain Datasets

Reality modeling advancements now allow for the generation of high-resolution 3D models from a variety of sources to rapidly meet modeling and simulation needs

Weekly GEOINT Community News

NGA Launches $1.2M Geomagnetic Data Challenge; SAIC Announces Organizational Leadership Changes; More

Activity-Based Intelligence in Mixed Reality

What can be done to improve global humanitarian outcomes?

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Planet Launches 16 More Dove Small Sats; Engility Wins Air Force Systems Contract; BAE Systems and MacB Partner on Army Intel Contract; USCYBERCOM Seeks Big Data Partner; More

The Quest for Commercial VR

Oculus Connect 5 conference reveals the latest advances in immersive technology

Weekly GEOINT Community News

ICEYE Announces Partnership with European Space Agency; Mapbox Releases AR Platform; IARPA Announces UG2 Prize Challenge; Boeing to Open Research Center in Korea; More

Mapbox: Empathy and Fire

Q&A with Robert Ames, director of government business and technology strategy

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Community Continues to Support Natural Disaster Response Efforts; Discount for Live Online Augmented Reality Course; ManTech to Acquire InfoZen; LizardTech Awarded U.S. Patent for LiDAR Point Cloud Compression

Acquiring Algorithmic Aptitude

Lt. Gen. Shanahan’s Project Maven Will Bring Machine Learning to DoD

A Glimpse into the New World

Tech authors and futurists Robert Scoble and Shel Israel predict augmented reality will change life as we know it