The Past, Present, and Future of Geospatial Data Use

Exploring the uses of geospatial data in retail, health care, financial services, and transportation/logistics

The Vanguard of Commercial GEOINT

From self-driving cars and “drones as a service” to crowdsourcing exercise routes, the commercial world continues to leverage GEOINT in new and creative ways

The GeoCarb Mission

NASA to map carbon gas output over the Americas

The DigitalGlobe Foundation Celebrates 10 Years

A look at some of the globally meaningful work the foundation has made possible

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Radiant Solutions Announces Plan of Operations; General Atomics Acquires Surrey Satellite Technology U.S.; Planet Imagery Made Available in SpyMeSat App; USGS Publishes Global Crop Map; & More

What are Your 3 Words?

What3words assigns three-word identifiers to every location on Earth

Weekly GEOINT Community News

USGS Releases Landsat Analysis Ready Data; ArdentMC Supports California Fire Recovery Efforts; DARPA Bets on In-Space Robotics; More

The Genesis of Google Earth

The history and future of the software that made GEOINT mainstream and changed the way we view the world

Google Street View Upgrades Fleet

Google updates its Street View car cameras with an eye for AI

Subterranean Street Maps

Mapping New York City’s underground infrastructure