Geospatial Metaverse

Keynote – Amy Peck, Founder and CEO, EndeavorVR

Be innovative and prepare for what will become “reality” in the coming years

Keynote: Dawn Meyerriecks, Deputy Director of CIA for Science and Technology

Modern technology’s escalating rate of change and the many ways in which individuals can interact with spatial information

3D – The Future of Foundational Data

Fireside chat with MG Maria Gervais, USA, Army Futures Command and MG Charlie Cleveland, USA, NGA

Immersion and GEOINT: Trends in Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR/AR are for more than games and entertainment—the geospatial intelligence community eyes the technology to improve data gathering and representation

Power of Perspective: Future GEOINT Metaverse Leaders

Young professionals and students from USGIF GEOINT-accredited programs shared their perspectives on modeling, simulation, and gaming

Advances in 3D/4D Visualization

A panel of esteemed industry experts discussed the latest technologies and approaches to defining 3D and 4D visualization and the impact those advancements have on analysis

Discussion of USGIF/OGC Technical Paper on Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming

Panelists discussed implications, specifically the technology trends that are influencing the convergence of GEOINT and the MS&G tradecraft

The Evolution of 3D Terrain Models

Panelists discuss the benefits and opportunities of increased spatial resolution and accuracy in 3D terrain models in mission planning, training, and modeling