Human Geography

Unlocking the Cultural Digital Footprint from Natural Language at Scale

The growth of social media yields an unprecedented ability for a populous to passively report cultural data

The Built History of the U.S.

New York Times special section maps every built structure in the U.S.

Applying Geospatial Data to Humanitarian Missions

Linking the World CEO Mina Chang shares how data science and visualization could potentially benefit NGOs worldwide

The Importance of Diversity in Cartography

Exploring the meaningful influence of female and minority mapmakers

Improving GEOINT Access for Health and Humanitarian Work in the Global South

Case studies on resource inequity with respect to GEOINT in the Global South

Rediscovering Afghanistan

Using satellite imagery to uncover Afghanistan’s lost settlements

Geographer of the U.S. Speaks at GEOINTeraction Tuesday

Dr. Lee Schwartz, geographer of the United States, discussed geopolitical boundaries, participatory mapping, human geography, and more

Modeling the Planet’s Future

Arizona State University professors pair human factors with Earth science models

New Book Examines 100 Moments in Earth’s History

Geography is revolutionary and more important now than ever before, according to geographer Joseph Kerski

Crowdsourcing & HUMINT

Exploring the benefits and limitations of crowdsourcing HUMINT