Law & Policy

GAO Encourages DoD to Host Payloads Commercially

New report advises the DoD to centralize technical data from hosted programs

GEOINT Law & Policy: A Poorly Mapped Frontier

As technology advances, legislatures and courts lag behind

Privacy Takes Precedence in Carpenter Case

Supreme Court rules that police procurement of cellular location data requires a warrant

The State of AI

Experts at SXSW 2018 discuss upcoming hurdles for AI as well as the looming singularity, machine ethics, and the future of work

Brexit Effects Extend to Medium-Earth Orbit

The UK’s pending removal from the EU’s satellite navigation efforts will test the country’s space industry

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Commerce Department Pushes for Commercial Space Office; NGA Announces Contractors for Janus Geography Initiative; Parsons Acquires Polaris Alpha; TerraGo Launches R3 Data App; More

‘Rekognition’ Raises Privacy Concerns

The line between public safety and privacy violation is thin, and not yet defined in the age of the algorithm.

A License to Live Stream

An explainer on why SpaceX’s latest Iridium NEXT launch went dark

Driverless Danger?

The Tempe, Ariz., death raises questions about the operational readiness of autonomous vehicles and how to determine responsibility for system failures

The Borders of Cyberspace

Supreme Court case Microsoft v. U.S. holds major implications for rights to data stored internationally