Location-Based Services

Vacuum Sensing

Roomba vacuum records users’ home layouts

“Snap Mapping”

Snapchat’s new geo-location service raises privacy concerns

Smart Stuff

The Internet of Things offers convenience, efficiency, and intelligence value, but also brings new risks to networks and data security

Zero-Code for Location-based Apps

New app development tools help keep pace with Geospatial Revolution

Power In Numbers

Crowdsourcing apps help fight human trafficking

‘Recalculating’ GPS

Although GPS is the gold standard of positioning, navigation, and timing, it’s not without weaknesses. GEOINT offers alternative solutions.

Inside Game

Indoor wayfinding brings location awareness in from the elements

The GEOINT Revolution

Multiple technologies are advancing and converging to unleash the power of geospatial intelligence

Friday’s Food for Thought: Location Data

How location data is overhauling multiple industries

TerraGo: Connecting Map Users & Makers

TerraGo’s mobile mapping software grows and improves alongside smartphone and GPS technology