Open-Source Intelligence

A Bigger Picture: How Open Source and Dark Web Enhance the GEOINT Mission

An all-star panel explored a holistic approach of capturing geospatial data and using the open and dark web to support the GEOINT mission

Open-Source Intelligence

Q&A with Authenic8’s Federal program Manager, Thom Kaye

Innovation and the Future of Geo

Jack Dangermond and Christina Monaco talk the future of geospatial technology at Geospatial Gateway Forum

Monitoring the Earth

The combination of EO satellite data with open-source tools for managing and leveraging that data are leading to more and more countries using EO satellite data support policy-making

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Several News Announcements from Planet; Kleos Space Establishes U.S. Subsidiary; BAE Systems to Provide OSINT Support to U.S. Army; More

Data for Relief

GEOINT provided indispensable support to humanitarian aid efforts following Cyclone Idai in Mozambique

Scalable Search

Elastic turns big location data into better location services

Unlocking the Cultural Digital Footprint from Natural Language at Scale

The growth of social media yields an unprecedented ability for a populous to passively report cultural data

How Maritime Geospatial Analysis Helps Identify Asymmetric Threats

Geospatial analytics help identify asymmetric threats by leveraging AI and near real-time data analysis

When Selective Blurring Backfires

Russian mapping service accidentally reveals sensitive locations by attempting to obfuscate them