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Weekly GEOINT Community News

Air Force GPS 3 Satellite Completes Critical Test; ManTech Awarded $200 Million DoD Contract; Penn State to Launch Second GEOINT MOOC

Friday’s Food for Thought: Hedy Lamarr

The movie star’s legacy in radio frequency invention

Friday’s Food for Thought: Indoor Mapping

Indoor wayfinding technology advances

Inside Game

Indoor wayfinding brings location awareness in from the elements

Friday’s Food for Thought: Tracking Ivory

GPS trackers reveal ivory smuggling route

DoD Seeks Better Mobile Target Intel

GEOINT Community poised to support improvements

Mobile MDA

Smartphone apps enable vessel identification and tracking

Ground Control Points

The importance of accurate, standardized GCP collection

Visualizing Vessels

Increasingly, geospatial technology is playing a more important role in port security

Learn About LiDAR

LiDAR technology provides indispensable data for GEOINT analysts