Public Safety & Emergency Management

Weekly GEOINT Community News

Government of Canada to Invest in exactEarth; DigitalGlobe Expands NASA Partnership with Data Contract; NOAA Selects Thales to Develop Ground Station; DHS and NASA JPL Partner on AI for First Response; More

Weekly GEOINT Community News

NGA Seeks Colorization Algorithm; NGA Awards Janus Contracts to Harris, Perspecta; Airbus-led Consortium to Provide EU with Satellite Coverage of Europe; More

Connected Crisis

In the U.S., 2017 was a landmark year for natural disasters—and a data-driven turning point for domestic crisis mapping

Privacy Takes Precedence in Carpenter Case

Supreme Court rules that police procurement of cellular location data requires a warrant

Aviation, GIS, and Continuous Learning

John Desmarais, director of operations, Civil Air Patrol

‘Rekognition’ Raises Privacy Concerns

The line between public safety and privacy violation is thin, and not yet defined in the age of the algorithm.

The Geography of Hawaii’s Volcanic Activity

The eruption of Kilauea volcano is causing panic and damaging summer tourism, but how far-spread is the actual damage?

Modeling Outcome-Based Geospatial Intelligence

The application of GEOINT models enables decision-making in myriad sectors

What are Your 3 Words?

What3words assigns three-word identifiers to every location on Earth

GEOINT for Policing

Software, sensors, and other location-based technologies offer opportunities and challenges for law enforcement