Public Safety & Emergency Management

Lt. Joseph Flynn: Making GEOINT Connections

How USGIF Membership is opening new doors for one Fairfax County law enforcement officer

Subterranean Street Maps

Mapping New York City’s underground infrastructure

Civil Success Stories

NCAC director outlines civil GEOINT applications

Discovering GEOINT Across the DHS Enterprise

A framework for knowledge sharing helps DHS make more, better use of GEOINT

Protected, Connected, & Fully Aware

The DHS First Responders Group uses GEOINT to power the first responder of the future and build resilient communities

Heartbeats in the Rubble

Portable radar device can detect trapped victims following a disaster

Smart IT for Smart Cities

Location and geospatial technology enable precise mapping of utility assets, urban properties, transportation infrastructure, and government facilities.

GEOINT and Homeland Security

David Lilley Jr., acting director of the DHS Geospatial Management Office, outlined his office’s main objectives and discussed the utility of GEOINT at USGIF’s GEOINTeraction Tuesday in March.

Smart Stuff

The Internet of Things offers convenience, efficiency, and intelligence value, but also brings new risks to networks and data security

Friday’s Food for Thought: Inauguration Day

How GEOINT plays a role on Inauguration Day